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Almost done with Avatar, have yet to watch the finale. Loved it to bits and pieces though I`m afraid, overall, I didn`t like season 3 as much as 2. The third season was worth it though, if only for Ember Island Players.

Also, there`s an issue that`s been bothering me (and it appears in all sorts of fiction too, specially on TV) - why are the older or mature female characters either dead (Katara`s mom), absent (Ursa) or caricatures (the fortuneteller and Hama)? Since this show has no problem defying ageism, giving us such awesome older characters as Iroh and Bumi, not to mention countless other mature male characters throughout the series (in practically every episode there`s wise older male character who teaches our heroes some sort of lesson), I find the absence of their female counterparts really disappointing.

Case in point is Hama in The Puppet Master, which could have been a rare female mentor for Katara but ends up nothing more than a nightmarish old witch. Not to mention the Twins, who are characterized as part creepy (they serve the villains, after all) and mocked because they are old women. :/

Avatar does a terrific job making female characters as well developed and central to the plot as the male ones. I just wish they weren`t all in their teenage years.